Welcoming T-Pain to the Thug Family

T-Pain Thuggie Onesie In Nashville
"I keep tellin these MFs I'm a goddamn thug! I'm all on stage rockin my #thuggie with the butt flap down like wassup bitch!"
- T-Pain, 2016


After seeing that T-Pain ordered a Thuggie we knew we had to lavish him in lots of Thuggie goodness, even a few thugglets for his little ones. T's clearly a big fan, wearing his Ron Burgundy funzie onesie on stage in Nashville (with the butt flap down).
We have his latest club banger with Juicy J - Make That Sh*t Work on repeat, :
Stay tuned for more as we're working on a new partnership between Thuggies and the original goddamn thug, T-Pain!

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