Introducing the Kilian Martin Collab Hoodie

We are so pumped to be working with Pro Skateboarder Kilian Martin and his clothing company Kilian Clothing. This exclusive sweatshirt is our first ever normal length hoodie. It is made out of a cotton terry fabric that has a premium feel compared to a normal sweatshirt fleece and features a massive hood complete with a patterned hood liner and piping.

Kilian wanted these hoodies to have a modern vintage feel to them, so we included a breast pocket and pocket square for good measure.

Don’t worry; although we did cut the length of these sweatshirts compared to our Original Thuggies, the comfort is unparalleled. You will never find a hoodie this unique and comfortable.

With two years in the making, we had Kilian testing the hoodie out while he skated around the world. From India, to Spain, to California the Kilian Collab Hoodies held to the beating Kilian threw down on it.

Back in Canada, the Thuggies team took it up for après ski at Mt. Baker, and even took it spring skiing at Whistler Blackcomb last week.

Whether you’re kicking it at home, or taking it to the streets, the Kilian Collab Hoodie has you covered.

Being Canadian we don’t brag too much but this hoodie is AMAZING!

Oh….we forgot to mention, these hoodies are limited edition and, in true Thuggies fashion, will not be reproduced in the same colour ever again, so get them while you can!

Thank you to all of our fans and Kilian Martin for the support.

Check out Kilian skating India, or in his most recent video Altered Route.



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