Live Long Mixtapes

Thuggies is more than an over-sized hoodie brand — we encourage a #livelong lifestyle that is embraced by our fans around the world. Our brand represents a way of life thats all about standing out of the crowd, having fun, and being comfy.

At the Thuggies World HQ, new music is on a constant shuffle. Now is your chance to see what we've been listening to.

Starting today, Business Brad is starting a new music section in our blog. As an avid festival goer, he will be documenting all of the Thuggies shenanigans at concerts, music fests, and wherever else he finds himself. We'll also use this as a way to share our favourite artists and spread their music to all of you around the world.

We're so stoked on our Live Long Mixtapes that we'll be giving them away for download on our SoundCloud account. The'll feature our favorite tracks of the month, so you too can share the Thuggies vibe while on the mountain, the couch, and anywhere else you might be.

We're excited about the Live Long Mixtapes, so we hope you are too! Please follow us on our Hype Machine and SoundCloud accounts.

You can download our mixtape here

If you are an artist that wants to be featured here, please get a hold of us! If you have any track recommendations, or events you think we shouldn't miss, make sure to let us know!

Shout out to Obeezy Photo for helping compile the mixtape and documenting this year's festivals! 

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