Thuggies Adventure #1 - Bauston Wilde's Road Trip

ED: Thuggies Skier Bauston Wilde will be documenting his road trip to the USA to compete in some of 2014's biggest comps.

Hey, guys,

BWilde here, giving a little catch up on what's going on to all those "living it long".

Started the trip out with my bro, Dean Bercovitch and new friend Emma Whitman, with an all night trek to Salt Lake City, Utah from Whistler, BC. While packing the car we realized we were short a ski rack, not to worry duct tape saved us again.

We spent the last two days there with our good homie Ian Hamilton.  We had a day of rest and a sick day shredding Park City.

Now Dean, Ian, Emma and another new friend Jamie Crane-Maury and I are all on the road to Aspen for our first day of training for the Aspen Freeskiing Open. So stoked! :) 

Keep posted to find out how the Aspen Open goings and see where the trip take me in the end.  As of right now it's all up in the air and gonna let the wind take it where it may. 

Want to give a little shout out to Whistler Bounce, for getting me all that air time on the tramps and CSM Whistler, for tuning my skis to perfection.  Got me going and ready to shred the gnar! 

Also, a big thanks to Thuggies for the epic new gear (really digging the new StormShield Thuggies) and all the support!

Wish us luck, hit you up again soon.


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