Getting Wilde Again

Bauston at the Camp of Champions in Aug 2013It hasn't even been a year yet since we met the intrepid Bauston Wilde, and he joined the long, leisurely cotton enclave that is the Thuggie. In the looming shadow of a major competition heavy 2013-2014, I was lucky enough to grab a few moments of Bauston's time, and to learn a bit about the coming (WINTER IS COMING) ski season!

KB: What were some highlights for you, career wise, in the 2012-2013 season?
BW: I didn't have the greatest competition season, or even learn a bunch of new tricks. Last year, I kind of went back to the basics and tried to relearn how all my tricks work.  Right down to the basic 360.  I feel like it has given me a lot of confidence and understanding of my body coming into this new season.

KB: In the off season, you also do stunt work. Anything especially exciting/perilous to report from this summer?
BW: It's always a great time being on set and I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to do stunt work.  I haven't done anything super major yet this summer, just a couple deaths and gun shot scenes*.  In a few days, apparently, I get the sh*t kicked out of me and killed, so it should be fun.

(*I would argue that that is super major)

KB: You spent a week at Camp of Champions in Whistler this summer. How would you describe that experience?
BW: Yeah, I got about 4 day in Camp of Champions park, over the week that I was back for glacier skiing.  It was really great time and I couldn't have been more stoked!  COC has a really great vibe, all around and an incredible park to play around in, in the summer sun*.

(*he is a poet)

KB: Did you meet any athletes/somewhat heroes of yours while there?
BW: Definitely saw a bunch pros around and got the opportunity to do a little Bounce sesh with Sammy Carlson, which was pretty epic!

KB: You and your friend Dean Bercovitch put together an edit featuring some crazy trampoline training at Bounce in Whistler, and also skiing clips from last year. Are you planning on submitting that video anywhere?
BW: Right now its raking up some views on  Mainly we are just using our videos to represent ourselves, for now.  Maybe in years to come we will submit some into a few video competitions. We'll see.


KB: What does this season hold for you? What competitions are you planning to participate in?
BW: I'm really pumped for this season.  My friend Dean Bercovitch and myself will be traveling and competing together.  We are going to try and make it to the first North Face Open: Park and Pipe series in Copper Mountain, Colorado, in early December.  From there we will be staying in Whistler for a few months, with another North Face Open comp in Whistler, January 8th-12th.  Around mid February is when things get fun.  We will be on the road traveling, until the beginning of April, with high hopes to make it to France and Austria for two competitions.

KB: Competing one day in a Thuggie: doable, or too bulky?
BW: Definitely doable!  Really it's just a mater of how cold it is.  I would rather be competing in a Thuggie over a jacket any day. Weather willing, that is.

KB: Is filming something you're really getting into?
BW: It's definitely really fun and I love when I get the opportunity.  This year, it going to be about finding a balance between filming and training.

KB: You've mentioned to me Bounce a number of times, the trampoline training facility in Whistler that sounds epically fun, even to an aeirally incompetent person such as myself. Training with Bounce - how long have you been doing so, and what kind of opportunities for training perfection does it provide you?
BW: I've been training at Bounce since they opened three summers ago.  With their new side and the super trampoline there really isn't a much better place in the world to train, that I know of.  The super tramp really gives you the opportunity to train and develop new tricks, with similar air time to those big kickers in the park.  I love Bounce! :) haha

KB: What's your biggest goal (or goals) for this season?
BW: Probably life experience.  I'm going to have some really great and unique opportunities this winter and I want to embrace them to their fullest!  It will be my first time competing at these incredibly high calibre events.  I'll be stoked just to lay down some smooth and fun runs.

KB: When I met you in real life, you were really clear about how passionate you are about skiing, and that that's why you live in Whistler. Many people live in Whistler with the plan to ski, but end up partying so much that they rarely get up the mountain. This is of course not to give Whistler a bad name, it's an amazing place but it does also have such a vibrant party scene, I can see how that's been a distraction for some. How did you achieve such clarity of thought?
BW: I moved to Whistler when I was 19 and I was warned about the party scene.  It never was an issue for me because no party or any of that could ever give me the same thrill as a day on my skis.  I never had the time to be hungover and feel like shit, when I could be shredding the mountain, feeling the true highs of life.

KB: Words to live by? Though, your last sentence, above could probably be plastered on a tee shirt or 100.
BW: Ski or die hahaha. No, "live in the moment", is what I try and live by.

Thanks Bauston! As always, I'm really impressed with your maturity, balanced with your clear love of life, skiing and appreciation for what you've got, and what you can achieve! We are all cheering for you, and so happy to have you on Team Thuggies!



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