Round Two With Jimmy Frandsen

Jimmy Frandsen is our first ever Sponsored Thug, and an all around great young fellow. He's won numerous wakeboarding competitions, and all signs are pointed to go that he is going to continue stomping it. I didn't ask him any Seinfeld related questions this time. So, here we go!

Kim: How old are you now, and what is your date of birth, and accompanying astrological sign?

Jimmy: 19 years old, born on February 16th, 1994. And Aquarius… I think.

Kim: The last time we talked was a couple of years ago, and you were still in high school. Catch us up to speed! What have you been up to since graduating? Did you go to prom? Was it fun? I thought prom was fun.

Jimmy: I went to the prom and danced my face off! The very next morning I packed all belongings and moved to BC's interior, Vernon. Kris Killick had me working full time at Seca Surf Shop as a wakeboard coach that day. It was the perfect fit for me, driving boats during the day and riding in the evening. As summer wore down and turned to winter, Dusty O'Ferrall hooked me up with a sweet gig up Silver Star Mountain working in the terrain park. For my down time I found a sweet old '75 retro motorhome at the end of last summer. Spent many spare hours customizing it, fresh paint, 12" sub, flat screen, Sirius Sat, hula girl bobble and sweet endorsements on the skin.

Kim: Do you plan on pursuing a professional career in wakeboarding, long term?

Jimmy: That's what I am aiming for as of now.

Kim: Where are you from and where is your home wakeboarding locale?

Jimmy: Born and raised in North Vancouver, currently living in Vernon, BC and riding on Woods Lake and Lake Okanagan.

Kim: What are some major milestones that have happened in the last little while? Competitions, awards, recognition etc?

Jimmy: I came 3rd in Nationals last year which I am pretty hyped on also getting some coverage in SBC Wakeboard Magazine last year was mad real.

Kim: You’re in Clermont, Florida now, When did you get there, and have you been there before?

Jimmy: I arrived in Orlando the beginning of March, started off at OWC (Orlando Watersports Complex) for the first week doing some cable riding then Kevin Henshaw let me set my MH in his front yard, lake front, right by his dock. Awesome, thank you Kevin! Been riding behind Dylan Miller's boat whenever i get the chance and going back and fourth from McCormicks and OWC with him Dustin O'Ferrall and Nick Dorsey to do some cable laps.

Kim: Where would you like to ride but as yet, have not?

Jimmy: Australia… mate.

Kim: You went to SeaWorld recently, which I know from Instagram (I liked the pics). I can’t help but notice you didn’t take up the opportunity to maybe try and harness a couple dolphins and wakeboard behind them in your Thuggie. Comments?

Jimmy: It crossed my mind, but I didn't want to risk possibly ruining the Thug, not worth it, you know?

Kim: Right you are. And, safety first. Where is the coolest place you’ve wakeboarded, to date?

Jimmy: So far Quebec at the Deromes private setup. That place is dope.

Kim: Since you’re in Orlando, have you thought about going to the Harry Potter Wizarding World of Magic? If you haven’t, why not and what are the odds you’d go there in a Thuggie? When you think about it, Thuggies kind of look like the wizard robes they get to wear.

Jimmy: I'm not a big Harry Potter fan, but that is a swell proposition. I'd say the odds are about 100% I'd go in a Thuggie, no other attire would be appropriate for the circumstance, oh, and my wand, of course.

Kim: Ha. Touché. What gear do you use?

Jimmy: The best kind. CTRL decks, O'Neill suits with a black and white T-thugg over top. Sick!

Kim: Who are your other sponsors?

Jimmy: Seca Surf Shop, Lyke Watches and Spy Optics for off water steez.

Kim: How long have you been wakeboarding for?

Jimmy: Long time, probably 12 years now.

Kim: Your Dad is really involved/supportive of your wakeboarding. Is he on the road with you? Does he/did he wakeboard?

Jimmy: He definitely is just as big into the water sport scene as I am so he tries not to miss any of the comps. As of now he's not on the road with me but is coming down for the second pro tour stop I ride in.

Kim: Do you have super fans yet? Have you ever seen Flight of the Conchords? There are some creepy super fans there. I hope your fans aren’t like Mel.

Jimmy: Hmmm I'm not sure, I haven't met any as of yet, but I guess if there are any and they're reading this interview, hi super fans.

Kim: Okay, safe for now. You recently got a Jimmy Mobile. Are you more or less living in there, or was it more a means of getting to your competitions? It’s neat for lots of reasons but maybe especially because of the giant Thuggies sticker.

Jimmy: Ya its pretty badass, I cook food and sleep in there, but try and stay outside as much as possible (it's a sauna in there during the day), so yes its my full time home and I take it with me wherever I go. (even Sea World) People dig the Thuggies decal, but who wouldn't? (this guy!!!)

Kim: Who is your favorite wakeboarder of all time?

Jimmy: Dustin O'ferrall, he has style for dayz.

Kim: What water creature scares you more? A great white shark or a hippo? To me, hippos are like the worst mix of a water monster, and like a surprisingly agile land dinosaur. But sharks are just in general, terrifying, so take your time.

Jimmy: I had a long debate, but I decided on the hippo. for the reasons you listed above. Scary stuff dude

Kim: Any big competitions/projects coming up this summer that we should trumpet from the rooftops?

Jimmy: Hell ya! I will be going to Acworth, GA for the first pro wakeboard tour stop and following it to the second stop in Mooresville, NC. Road trip!

Kim: And what a way to travel! Would you consider attempting to wakeboard in a Funzie, or is that just too cavalier, even for you?

Jimmy: Oh man, i don't know, I've done it in a Thuggie but a Funzie?! That'd be tough, but I think I could pull it off.

Kim: Well, obviously. You're Jimmy, after all. So, favorite Thuggie to date?

Jimmy: The Bluebird Zip Thuggie, or any of the zipped ones, they're next level shit.

Kim: They are handy, like convertible Thuggies. What’s the one thing we don’t make yet that you’d like to see happen?

Jimmy: A Thuggie rain jacket, because being from Vancouver, we need it.

Kim: It's true, probably would also have to be zipped as the weather changes every 16 minutes. Finally, words to live by?

Jimmy: Pants are overrated.

Kim: A man after my own heart. Thank you Jimmy, for continuing to be a delightful part of the Thuggies family and an excellent athlete and interviewee. Pants ARE overrated. Stay tuned for Jimmy's many exploits this coming summer. Jimmy's a ringer!

For more Jimmy, you can find him on Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

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