Getting Wilde

We'd like to introduce you to our latest Sponsored Thug and all around Renaissance man of skiing, Bauston Wilde. He's an exceptionally talented 20 year old skier (though he dabbles in several other adrenaline sports as one is oft wont to do) hailing from Whistler, BC. At the tender age of 20, Bauston has already been making waves across the professional skiing landscape and we're delighted to have him on board...erm, on skis, with Team Thuggies.

Bauston kindly put up with a series of my inane questions, and even said they were fun.

Kim: Your name is Bauston Wilde. That seems a name destined for greatness. What is your family background?

Bauston: Truthfully I don't know much about my family's background. I'm pretty distant from most of my family, except for my incredible Father and my exceptional little brother and sister. We are about as tight as it gets.

Kim: Do people ever call you "Mr. Wilde"? If not, wouldn't you like them to?

Bauston: Yeah I get that sometimes and it makes me feel mature and "grown up". But generally I still like to feel like a kid as much as possible and keep that fun loving mentality.

Kim: How did you find out about Thuggies?

Bauston: Had some friends that were rockin' some Thuggies and I just needed to get a hold of one.

Kim: What is the trickiest trick you've ever done?

Bauston: I'd probably have to say cork 1080 that I've successively landed and double cork 1260 that I still need to do some work on.

Kim: When/what was the biggest bail of your career and what were you trying to do?

Bauston: I've had a few but the one that set me back the most and still gives me some trouble was about three years ago, early in the season. I was too primed, I hadn't really hit a jump yet that year and came in too fast. I popped big on a flat 3 and went way too deep. When I landed, my left knee gave out backwards and to the left and I just collapsed. It swelled up right way but I didn't want to say anything, because I was leaving in about a week for a ski trip to Switzerland. I was too nervous to find out what the doctor might say about my knee, so I never went in to get it checked out. I ended up riding with a swollen knee through my Switzerland trip and had knee issues for the next two years. I'm glad to say I came into this season with both my legs feeling stronger then ever. (I am glad about this, too)

Kim:  If you weren't skiing at Whistler, you'd want to be skiing ___________?

Bauston: Right now I would probably have to say Mammoth Mountain, California. They have 9 different terrain parks along with spring skiing conditions almost all season. An ideal place to train for park skiing. But truthfully later on in my career, I'm going to want to be somewhere where I can get endless amounts of that beautiful white powder and just be one with the mountains.

Kim: How do you feel about cilantro?

Bauston: I'm a vegetarian so all veggies and herbs are on my good side! ;)

(just fell off of my chair)

Kim: What is your greatest achievement in skiing, thus far?

Bauston: Signing with Loy White of Higher Sports agency last summer was a big step for me. Had me pretty pumped coming into this season.

Kim: Do you ever snowboard?

Bauston: I snowboarded for a few years, but haven't been back on a board for a long time.

Kim: If not, do you think people who do both are traitors?

Bauston: I wouldn't call them traitors, no. More respect to them for killin' it on both. I'm just too addicted to my skis to give up some of my days to boarding. I do have to say it looks extremely fun in pow though.

*if skiing doesn't work out, he is well poised for a career in diplomacy

Kim: Pants: for or against?

Bauston: Against 100%! (unless they're ski pants) I can't stand how pants restrict your movement, especially jeans. I like my legs to be free and besides, if my legs get used to staying warm in shorts in the middle of the winter, they should have no problem on the hill in snow pants. A win-win situation.

*highlighted for emphasis

Kim (recovering, slowly):  Would you say that owning a Thuggie has changed your life?

Bauston: For sure. There is nothing more comfortable to chill around in and hey, the name says it all. You can't get much more thug then shredding in your Thuggie on the hill. lol.

Kim: When you aren't skiing, one would find you___________:

Bauston: Usually training or day dreaming about skiing and on those lucky times, doing some stunts for the film industry. I try to keep my free time filled up with going to the gym, biking in the summer and spending as much time as I can at Whistler Bounce getting my tricks tuned for the snow.

Kim: Have you ever skied without pants on? Would you like to?

Bauston: Haha. Skiing without pants on, no that's something I haven't done. But that's definitely a good one to go on the list. Hey, you may have just sparked an idea for one of the later Webisodes! We'll see. :p

(this is really very exciting)

Kim: If someone were to mock your Thuggie, you would tell them ________?

Bauston: Don't be hatin' cause you're not thug enough to rock it.

Kim: Snow panther or a grizzly bear, who would win in a fight and why?

Bauston: They are both bad ass animals, but I don't think anything should f**k with a grizzly. Too much of a beast.

Kim: Scariest moment in your career?

Bauston: I've been pretty lucky in my ski career (knock on wood), I haven't had too many outstanding scary moments. I'd say I've had a lot more scary moments on my motocross bike. There have been times when I've gotten popped weird off a lip of the jump, and just known I was going to crash. Everything starts to go in slow motion and you have that moment where you think, "this is going to hurt" and then it all plays out. That's not always the funnest moment.

Kim: What music do you listen to whilst on the hill?

Bauston: Usually I go for something with a good beat and quite a bit of bass to get me really pumped up, like Eminem's, "Lose Yourself". On a pow day, I go with something a little more mellow and flowy to go with the floating of the snow but still want to keep the energy high for those big drops. Something like, "Day Dreamin" by Lupe Fiasco.

Kim: Any weird nicknames we should know about?

Bauston: Ummm.. Just B.Wilde and anything else you might want to come up with, I'm always up for something new. lol

(on it)

Kim: If you could trade places with any professional athlete in any sport, who would it be and why?

Bauston: Truthfully, I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I'm right where I need to be, and there is nothing else I can ask for. :) Other then that, I'm not sure. I love music, I play piano and am learning how to play the guitar. I have a background of lots of different sports. Motocross, down hill biking, lacrosse, hockey, rock climbing, cross country mountain biking, and of course, skiing. I try and keep at peace and love and just enjoy life.

Big thanks to Bauston for taking the time to chat with me and give me a better sense of the illustrious, athletic, poetic, adventurer that is Mr. Wilde.

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Bauston has promised to send me any new webisodes which we will post here!

Thuggs & kisses,



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