Help send Thuggies to Munich for the ISPO Show (please?)!

Hi friends, fans, Funbassadors, everyone. We need your help! We are in the running for a free exhibitor's booth at the 2013 ISPO Munich trade show, one of the world's largest business trade shows in the sports industry. The ISPO BrandNew Hottest Brands competition on Facebook gives us a chance to show the judges just how much we are loved as a brand, and your Facebook Likes could help send us to Munich!

If you can take a moment to go to the ISPO BrandNew Hottest Brands page here and Like it, then find us in the list (either from A-Z or scroll through the total Likes, ideally we'll be creeping closer and closer to #1) and then click on our name and Like it, that would be just wonderful! Feel up to going the extra mile? When you Like us, you can write a comment that will show up in your status. That way your friends can see what all the fuss is about and maybe even Like us, too! Voting is on NOW and ends on December 3rd, 2012 so we only have so much time!

While we'd love to say that if we win, we'll take you with us. Alas, we can't do that. BUT you will have our eternal gratitude and perpetually open ears to what you'd like us to do, and to do better. And when one sweet day, we have our Thuggie Mansion, we'll try and finagle a jet to pick you up. Only rule: check your pants at the door.

Thanks everyone, HUGE thuggs&kisses

Kim, Brad and Dave

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