Behold, the Funzie! The newest, coziest one-piece!

We've been not so subtly dropping hints for a while that something new was coming to the Thuggies catalogue, and that new thing is our one-pieced, cotton paradise of a romper, the Funzie. Our hints came in pictures, cruelly teasing you with what is a new piece in the evolution of the leisure revolution. We have long wanted to make a one piece romper, but didn't want to jump the gun till we had a product and a style that we were completely in love with, fit with our brand, and set us apart from the various other onesies out there. Beyond our ever present extra touch of TLC, we thought, what else could we do? What is a key missing link in other onesies? What addition could we have that would take our wearers to a new, yet nostalgic place of comfortable paradise? And it became clear. A bum flap. Oh for the days of yore when you'd race down the stairs on Christmas morning, completely content, ensconced in your little romper. Or sitting on the couch watching movies, being home *sick* from school, playing Nintendo (bear with me, I'm old), and many other leisurely past times where being in your onesie was the bee's knees. Well, welcome back! Our Funzies are cozy from hooded head to toe, with a zip down the front and and a buttoned bum flap on the rear.

The Funzie: taking Christmas Eve pajamas by storm.

We hope you love them as much as we do!



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