Stick It To Cancer with Kevin Fortier


At the core of our business is a commitment (eye roll, sounds cliche but read on) to the communities and causes that are dear to us. For me, that is cystic fibrosis. Without going into the whole song and dance, it is through a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis that I help organize as part of a legacy to a friend of mine, that I first came across what would become Thuggies. Thus, when we can help others with causes close to them, if we can, we will. Kevin Fortier is one of our Funbassadors. He is a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at UBC and he, along with his fraternity brothers are organizing their second annual Stick it to Cancer - Charity Ball Hockey Tournament. It impresses us to see young people take initiative, especially when there are so many fun distractions, let alone scholastic demands in every day life. We donated a few items to Kevin to support them, but also hope that this post will shed a little extra attention to his fundraiser. Lots of ways to support, no?

I asked Kevin why his fraternity decided to create this event, which takes place on September 22nd,

To be honest, we – as a fraternity – have been wanting to get a flagship philanthropic event going for quite some time now, but again it is one thing to “say” we want to do things, and another to actually “do” those things. What prompted us to finally get up and organize this event was because two of our members lost family members due to cancer (a mother to breast cancer, and a father to brain cancer). These series of unfortunate events were really what lit a fire under us to finally commit to start an event in the hopes of raising awareness and aid against the fight against cancer.

As to why it is important to participate, the answers are quite literally endless: to help find a cure, to help those who have been affected by the disease, to raise awareness, to help a worthy cause, etc. However, we at DKE believe that by taking part in the event, participants are not only donating their money and time in a simple “Charity Ball Hockey Tournament”, but are demonstrating what a community can do to help fight a disease that greatly affects millions of Canadians across the country. Put simply, it is through this donation of time, money, and effort (quite literally blood, sweat, and a few tears, haha) that the belief – or perhaps more aptly coined a “Hope” – for a cure and the future eradication of this disease finally becomes a reality. I realize that the above answer is really cheesy, and absolutely corny, but it is completely true.

In regards to our goals for this year’s fundraising, we are hoping to raise over $5,000.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society (a $1,500.00 increase from last year’s event). To date, we have raised almost $2,000.00, and are – hopefully – on track to meet our goal come September 22, 2012 (date of event).

So there you have it! Our hats (hoods) go off to Kevin and his entire DKE fraternity for taking this initiative and turning it into something. In a world where there is sadly no shortage of worthy causes, making an event that is fun, engaging and accessible to others is an excellent way to carve out a niche for your charity and raise some much needed funds along the way. For more information about the event and how to donate, please visit their website.




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