Jimmy Frandsen: here he is!

Friends. Meet Jimmy Frandsen, comrade of Why Not Apparel Inc., high school student, wakeboarder and witticist. He came across the great Thuggie hoopla very near to the very beginning of our very long saga. I sat down (to my computer and emailed him) with Jimmy with a few questions to get a better sense of just who Jimmy is. We know he's an absurdly talented wakeboarder, but who else is he?

1. How long have you been wakeboarding?
Jimmy: I started when I was 7 years old, so about 10 years now.

2. Have you ever been bored, while wakeboarding?
Jimmy: Never, to me wakeboarding doesn’t get old. There are always new challenges, whether it be better and more technical tricks, or that next level of competition.

3. Do you board on other things than wakeboards?
Jimmy: I skateboard and snowboard on the off season to stay as fresh as possible for the next wakeboard season to come. (Ed. note: someone seems a wee bit fixated on wakeboarding. Interesting.)

4. Where is your favourite place to wakeboard?
Jimmy: Winter Haven, Florida, it’s the place to be for wakeboarding all year round.

5. If you had to take one article of clothing with you to protect you from the ravages of nature, what would it be?
Jimmy: Is that even a question?! Obviously my Spider Thug 2.0 Thuggie because it looks hesh and I’d always be warm, cozy and ready for anything that comes my way! (Ed. note: right answer. Bonus points, Jimmy. Bonus points.)

6. What would you say is your best athletic achievement thus far?
Jimmy: I would have to say placing 5th at the Canadian Nationals this past August was pretty dope. (Ed. note: that is indeed, pretty dope.)

7. Do you see yourself doing this professionally? If not, what else do you want to be when you grow up?
Jimmy: I definitely want to hit up some of the pro tours in the next couple of years down in the States and see how I fare against the rest of the world.

8. If you had to be a dolphin or a shark, which would you be and why?
Jimmy: Obviously a Hammerhead cause they're badass.

9. What is your home lake/ocean?
Jimmy: Allison Lake in the Princeton / Merritt region is where I kick it in the summer time.

10. What is the most challenging move you've ever done?
Jimmy: Either a 720 off a kicker or a skeezer (switch stance front roll 360)

11. What is your favourite use of your Thuggie?
Jimmy: As soon as I’m finished riding I throw my Thuggie on to keep warm and stylish before my next ride. (Ed. note, another tick mark for Jimmy.)

12. Who is your wakeboarding idol?
Jimmy: Jeff House, without a doubt. Style is everything. (Ed. note: frantically googling "Jeff House".)

13. If you could only use one song in your videos for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Jimmy: Another Body Drops – Cypress Hill

14. Coke or Pepsi?
Jimmy: Coke for sure!

15. How did you find the Thuggie?
Jimmy: I saw Ivan Traas wearing it one day while we were out on the lake, I knew I had to have it.

16. Do you think it's a coincidence our names rhyme?
Jimmy: um, I guess.

17. Have you seen that Seinfeld where Elaine has that guy Jimmy from the gym that likes her but she thinks that he's talking about someone else who likes her but he keeps referring to himself in the third person so Elaine thinks that someone else named Jimmy likes her?
Jimmy: yes. I get asked that a lot. So yes. Yes I have.

And that's a wrap! Thank you Jimmy, for being a prolific wakeboarder. You are a source of great pride to this country and to Why Not Apparel Inc. And thanks for putting up with my questions.

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