Hello, world

So it's happened; we've gone viral. Not sure what prompted it but nor do we care. Opinions are varied, some are loving, some are loathing. But we embrace all of it. Clearly we anticipated mixed reactions when we set out to revolutionize comfort. Some people get the joke and like it, some people get the joke and hate it, and some people just don't really care. Except apparently a lot of people do. In the last 36 hours we've been featured on (and not limited to):

  1. Vancouver Sun - 'Canada goes gangster' delivers Vancouver's Thuggies a viral hit (our new favourite as it's our home town paper)
  2. Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Windsor Star - Would you wear one? Thuggies a hit despite fashionista disdain
  3. CTV BC: "BC: 'Thuggie' is part irony, all comfort"
  4. Barstool Philly - "Freshest shit to hit (Canadian) streets: the Thuggie" (We love Philly...in theory home of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Phil, Phil, Philadelphia)
  5. World's Best Ever - Thuggies
  6. Inside Vancouver "Defend Vancouver Fashion: Support the Thuggie"
  7. Vitamin Water Canada - snow, gangsters represent: good on ya, thuggies
  8. Virgin Radio Toronto  - My picture of the day: the Thuggie!
  9. Reddit, Shut Up and Take My Money - Thuggies - Why Not Apparel Inc.
  10. Life's Crazy Joke - Thuggies
  11. The Beat 94.5 Thuggies Kid Carson Show- cut
  12. Neatorama - The "Thuggie" is so gangster
  13. Alltop , Holy Kaw (Guy Kawasaki) - Canada goes gangster with the Thuggie (sorry rest of Canada)
  14. The Huffington Post - 'Thuggies', oversized hoodies inspired by Snuggies, create buzz (h-amazing)
  15. Some E Cards - Even worse clothing option than the Snuggie (dream come true, hate on. I love that site)
  16. BuzzFeed - The "Thuggie" sets a new low for fashion (we're fashion now?!?! so excited and unexpected!)
  17. Poorly Dressed Fail Blog - Snug and Thug
  18. Racked.com - The "Thuggie", basically a a really long fleece Snuggie-like hoodie (filed under "Cute Idea". No you guys are cute! No you are. No you are! Okay we're both cute.)
  19. Bit Rebels - The "Thuggie" - the most comfortable thing you will ever wear (it's true)
  20. Kempt (division of UrbanDaddy.com) - The hoodie of madness (filed under "bad ideas". Jokes on them! Their readers with badly want one!)
  21. Fail Blog - Snug and Thug, poorly dressed people of the world (if you go down into the comments, someone says: "I think that part of the problem is that the people wearing them are models and not actually thug-ish…" we'll take it! Models? Oh boy!)
  22. CNET - The "Thuggie": the latest trend in semi-ironic, pants-optional lounge wear (someone actually read our website...you get us, you really get us!)
  23. Buzzaurus - The Thuggie (we ARE about freedom!)
  24. Boxden.com - No racism but white people are wearing Thuggies? (I'm not sure if I'm crushed or proud. Someone in the comments thinks my po-ems are attempts at rap)
  25. HelaBlog - Thuggie - the most ridiculous garment you will ever put on



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