Chuggies' Day Out II: With GIB Rasperry Ale

The fine folks at the Granville Island Brewery asked us to take a picture of their new False Creek Raspberry Ale for a chance to win some free beer. Well here at Why Not Apparel Inc., we will never turn down free beer. Or the chance to go on a field trip (oh how we love field trips!). So Bryan and I got into the Thug Mobile and headed off to the beach with a 6 pack of the Raspberry Ale and a bucketful of our new Vancouver Leisure Society chuggies, which we'll be using as part of our fundraising for the tournament mentioned in my last post. They are...magnificent. One would feel perfectly normal bringing them to the tennis court, the yacht, the races, and so forth. Or just on a picnic or wherever you most like to bring chuggies.

They made friends quickly, taking in the views, hanging out at the beach, going for a dip (not the chuggie; he was bashful) and then going for a little skateboard in the parking lot. All in all, it was a great day. We're going to keep on doing Chuggie's Day Outs, and if you have a chuggie and want to snap a picture and post it to us, we'd love to see it. We're ever so curious where the smallest of our offerings is finding itself.



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