A little TLC, from the CBC

Thanks to my dear pal and very talented reporter Theresa Lalonde, before we left for Toronto, we got a little practice with being before the camera for Dragon's Den. Theresa came by Joe's Grill where Bryan, Brad and I were having a strategy session and then kindly ambled over to Bryan's house with us to be in more suitable surroundings. We truthfully don't tend to wear them in public much, and find the comfort of one's own home much more applicable to our original intent for the garment. That said, we're always game to show our wares in public and the fine folks at Joe's Grill were more than amenable to our lack of pants and accoutrement of a film crew.

Here's the clip - big thanks to Theresa for taking the time to come and film us. We can't tell you how it went in the Den of Dragons but it was a lot of fun and fingers crossed we'll air in the Fall so you can all see for yourselves.



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