We're off to meet the Dragons

Well, today is finally here. In a matter of hours, Bryan and I are off to CBC to pitch Why Not Apparel Inc. to the Dragon's Den. We've rehearsed, researched, been grilled by dozens and dozens of Dragon's Den aficianados and are as ready as we can possibly be, without being able to see into the future. We thank you all for your support this far and hope that come September, you'll see us slay it on CBC. This series of pitching won't be airing till the Fall, so fingers crossed we make the cut. We think we have a pretty captivating presentation, but only time will tell. Who doesn't love leisure?

We won't be able to tell you the outcome of our pitch as that harms our chances of making it to air. But you can bet that when we can share with you, we will.

Till then, here are just a few pictures of the Thuggies we've made for the Dragons. Oh golly if we can get Kevin O'Leary in one!


Kim and Bry

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