a few words from Harley.

So a couple of days ago we posted a video edit from a young man named Harley Everson, a gifted skier and Thuggie enthusiast (both strong qualities). We didn't ask him to send us a video, and yet, at the tender age of 16, he took the initiative and his friend Josh White's impeccable filming skills, and made himself a video! We love it. We hope you love it! We hope we get more unsolicited videos, pictures etc from our fans showcasing whatever they love to do when wearing their Thuggie. Anyway, I had to email the young lad and ask him how he found us etc, and here is what I got back:

haha hey its harley everson the guy that sent you the edit?
My name is Harley Everson, I just turned 16 years of age, I live in Fort St James. B.C. My home Mt. is Murray Ridge. Been skiing for about four years now, been dropping edits for the last three years, I came upon the thuggie just a few months ago, found it out by one of my buds and as soon as he told me about them I checked them out and fell in love. Skiers are always trying to find a unique style and thuggie is most definitely unique, haha and gotta love how the company came together, awesome. You know you did something right when you show your grandma and the first thing she says is "I want one".

We think that we'd like your grandma quite a bit. Thank you Harley for the video and your insightful commentary on how this all came to be.



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