how to tame a dragon

How? We're not sure yet. But we're going to try! We've been whispering about it for a little while, but today we got confirmation via a wonderful telephone call from one of the producers of Dragon's Den and yes, we, Why Not Apparel aka Thuggies will be auditioning on Dragon's Den! We're thrilled, nervous, well we will be, and getting our affairs in order so we can answer the many questions they will throw our way. What will come of it, we do not know. But we're excited and grateful for the opportunity. And I'm excited to not pack any pants. And to see some old friends from university who happen to live in Toronto, almost serendipitously. Except it's only serendipitous when I'm going out there or vice versa. Anyway.
Excited, and when we know more, we shall tell you.
Thugs & kisses,

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