How's the view from up there?

We've had a number of comments from vertically blessed people who need more than the full thug. They are...super thugs, really. So all of you towering tall folk, we want you to know, we're here for you. Because of the additional fabric required to give you that length you so desire, the price is up just a bit to $80, but we promise the inches pay for themselves in comfort. We'll be offering more details on availability soon, but till then, take heart. We love you and your giant limbs.

Have you found you're rather tall,
and all around seem rather small?
That extra large is still too snug?
Well we're here for you, you giant thug.
Extra inches have been added
So modestly, you'll be cladded
No hint of knee, coquettish flirt,
Long enough to sweep the dirt.
So to our tall and soaring folk,
This thugs for you, both gal and bloke.

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