How's High School, Jonah?

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Through the magic of the interwebs, (aka Twitter), young Jonah Wolf informed us that he'd worn his Thuggie to school. We applaud this, and of course, had many questions. They are below. We love things like this, and if you have funny tales of reactions to wearing your Thuggie or imbibing out of your Chuggie, we want to hear them! Okay enough from me. Time for Jonah.

thugs & kisses,

1. Did you wear the Thuggie all day?
Yes, it was a glorious Thuggie-Thursday
2. Did you wear pants?
Jeans, it was a little cold to go pants-optional
3. Were you sober?  (Ed. Note: I didn't realize he was in high school. I would never ask an underage student if they were drunk in class. Safety first.)
Unfortunately yes
4. Did any teachers ask what you were wearing?
Many, responses varied from "that's a HUGE hoodie" to "it looks like a quidditch uniform"..? (Quidditch uniform? Amazing.)
5. Did anyone ask you what on earth you were wearing?
Oh yes
6. Did you feel smug, or vaguely self conscious?
Both. I could definitely tell that everyone was looking at me, I'm sure it was out of jealousy.
7. Do you think people were jealous?
In a way... (This guy's a born diplomat. Jonah: consider politics. That was such a diplomatic answer.)
8. What prompted you to spend a day in class wearing it?
How insanely comfortable it is. And the temperature was perfect for Thuggie-wearin'.
9. What are you studying in school?
The usual high school shenanigans: Calc, english, theory of knowledge, art, spanish, and history.
10. Did you take pictures?
No, for some reason I didn't think to. However, some sneaky kids might have snapped a few of me... (Kids are very sneaky)
11. What is your favourite stupid comedy movie?
The New Guy
12. Where are you from aka how cold was it?
Denver Colorado! ~40°F

I'm not sure where this fits in... But if I had a quarter for every time someone asked me why I was wearing a yellow and blue dress, I'd buy them all a Thuggie.

Thank you Jonah, you intrepid young man.


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