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Ppppresenting: Paul Pylypyszyn

Another week, another shout out to one of our pro riders, Paul Pylypyszyn! Haven't seen that many consonants in a last name in a while, so we're abbreviating.

860 Media: Decembro from Brett Coffin on Vimeo.

He kindly took the time out of his schedule to answer a few groundbreaking questions for us.
T:How did you find out about Thuggies?
T:Where are you from?
PP: West Hartford, CT
T: How old are you?
T: What is your favourite sports related memory of all time (that you were the participant in)
PP: idk, the day pluto was denied being a planet (ed. note: that doesn't technically make any sense, and we like it that much more as a result)
T:If you could meet one famous person and hang out with them while wearing Thuggies, who would it be and why?
PP: Dave Chappelle, cause first off hanging with him would be wild, and even better in thuggies.
T: What is your favourite kind of cheese?
PP: Muenster (ed. note: great choice)
T: Would you go pantsless in your Thuggie?
PP: I am currently (ed. note: best possible answer to that question)
T: Anyone you'd like to give shout outs to?
PP: 860media and my personal assistant Brett Coffin
PP: I love sleeping in the thuggie, and chillin
T: When we one day have a thug mansion, will you come party at it with us?
PP: For sure.
T: Great, your invitation is in the mail.

Bonus from PP: Urban Skiing in Connecticut

860 Media: Decembro from Brett Coffin on Vimeo also featuring Thuggies rider Ian Dugger (to be profiled soon)


Brad Westerop
Brad Westerop