Introducing: Paal Saatvedt

our pen Paal!We think it's time for you to see the faces and the names of some of our sponsored thugs who found us through one way or another and are now repping us all over the world. We're not as big as we'd like to be yet but these kids are a big part of our long future. We have a nice little squadron out there and love them all equally. Today we're starting our "Sponsored Thug" feature. I'm starting with Paal because he was the first one to reach out to me.

Here is a little bit about him and some pics and videos. Fathers: hide your tween daughters.

Name: Paal Saatvedt
Sponsors: Electric, Mokaii, Bern, NINTHWARD skis and THUGGIE.
Interest: Skiing as much as i can. when i`m not skiing i hang out with friends and skate.
Favorite spot: Breckenridge in Colorado.
Why you like your thuggie I love my long THUGGIE because it is very comfortable and it looks so cool. you can wear it anytime, when you chill at home and when you killing it on skis.
Props to: First I want to start with my family and my brother Ola. all my other friends in Oslo, Norway.  Thanks to Mike Hornbeck, B-dog and Edollo for their unique style!
- thank you Paal, for being a young prodigy who likes Thuggies. Can't get enough of Paal? Check him out here on Vimeo.

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