Tis the season for reflections

Hello all of you wonderful people. I'm having one of those introspective and retrospective days and thought I'd sit back and recount the past year. It has been just about one year since this whole thing started.

In the last 365 days we have:

  • grown from a 2 person team to 4
  • incorporated ourselves into a legitimate business with shares and all that fancy stuff
  • grown from a one product shop to a threebie and we aren't stopping there (SPOILER ALERT: something really funsie is going to happen)
  • incited immediate disgust and rage from some
  • done our part in encouraging a pants-optional lifestyle
  • horrified, enraged and disgusted some
  • delighted, amused and enchanted others

Here are a few of our favourite mentions from the world wide web.

  • Via The Angry Snowboarder: "Enter The Thuggie, a tall hoodie mocking all that is unconventional and non-functional in the snow sliding world. Here’s the story behind this glorious mockery of absurdity" - a great read.
  • Care of the Denver Egoist, it only took 10 comments for someone to suggest we get caned publicly on Fox news! What a guy.
  • We got some thug love from our good pals Vancity Buzz and Amber Turnau.

AND we were on the morning news in Sacramento! Much more is coming down the pipe but to the lovers we say thanks and to the haters we say...thanks. Life is too short to live it with a long face.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thanks for being a part of the ride. We plan on being around for a good looooooooong while.



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