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Arizona Boat Show Wakeboard Rail Jam

Thuggies photographer Brandon Hesterman was in Arizona this past month organizing, filming and shooting the Arizona Boat Show All-Star Wakeboard Rail Jam. Organized by Western Win, Action Water Sports and Nautique Boats the event featured a unique wakeboard set up for the riders to show off their skills!


Sponsors: Action Water Sports, Nautique Boats, Liquid Force and Western Winch
Riders: Jimmy Wolf, Trever Marquette-Pootz, Bob Gort, Chris Garvy, Zach Wesson
Drone Pilot: Kevin Green
Mcee: Dano The Mano www.Noiseofthenorth.com
Filmer/Producer: Brandon Hesterman www.Vividego.com



Flannery Bloom
Flannery Bloom