10 Essential Camping Hacks

With camping season in full swing, it’s important to know how to do it well and how to avoid any possible camping blunders. Here are 10 camping hacks that we consider essential to having an awesome summer of camping adventures!


1. Use foam floor tiles for a more comfortable tent floor.

2. Store your (beaten) eggs in a water bottle!
3. Burn sage in your campfire to keep mosquitoes away
4. Keep your drink cold by outfitting it in a Chuggie! 
5. Use biodegradable trail marking tape to avoid getting lost on hikes 
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6. Use a portable shower caddy 
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7. Use deodorant to sooth itchy bug bites
8. For easy changing at the lake pop a thuggie over your bathing suit
9. Get a two person sleeping bag to save on packing space
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10. Make a toilet paper dispenser out of a coffee can
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