T-Pain's 40 oz Thuggie Chuggie Combo has Launched!

About a year ago T-Pain posted a picture on instagram of our sizing chart, he loved the way we called our sizes by Super to Young Thug instead of the boring XL to Small. 

From there we teamed up with T-Pain and Fancy.com to create the ultimate T-Pain Thuggie, designed and selected by the man himself. We had a few designs in mind and ended up on the 40 oz of Old English (OE) inspired hoodie. Once he saw our Chuggies he insisted we had no deal unless we made those too. 

Enough with the long write up, we will let the pics speak for themselves. We only made 125 of these long hoodies and they are selling fast! Get them while you can!

Click here to get yours!

Here's what T-Pain has to say about it:


T-Pain Long hoodie

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