Camo Black Thuggie

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NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light piling may occur. Our propriety material is colorfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in a cold water.

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This might be the longest Camo Sweatshirt ever made! Meet the Camo Black Thuggie. A slash of camo front and back, its perfect to blend in while camping, or taking your camo game to the next level. 

    • Hidden side pockets
    • Mid-weight cotton blend

    Product Features

  • Here's a quick guide for sizing up Thuggies based on your height:

    • Young Thug (S) = 145cm to 158cm (4'9" - 5'2")
    • Mini Thug (M) = 160cm to 173cm (5'3" - 5'8")
    • Full Thug (L) = 175cm to 190cm (5'9" - 6'3")
    • Super Thug (XL) = 190cm + (6'3"+)

    See detailed sizing chart

Customer Reviews

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Sold out

I love the hoodies, but everything's sold out every time I try an get something.

Christian Kieler

its amazing and warm. the only thing I didn't like was that when I washed it in cold water it faded the color orange real bad. but it works for me. keep up the good product and new ideas. thanks christian

Hans Nicolas Thoma

The most amazing and comfy Sweater ever!!!!!

Amanda Bedard
Perfect except for the hole in the pocket

this camo hoodie is rad except for the a small hole o poked my thumb through the first time i tried it on.

Megan Ganze
Ultimate perfect lazy wear

I bought this for my boyfriend. He always said he wanted one, I thought he was joking but as soon as he opened the girls and actually knew what it was ... let's just say he only wears his camo thuggie and his work clothes now...