Penguin Thuggie

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NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light piling may occur. Our propriety material is colorfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in a cold water.

Product FeaturesThe Penguin Thuggie is a timeless masterpiece. This black hoodie has been with us since 2010, we have shipped thousands of them around the world. There is something about that black and white with a hint of red and neon blue that gets people going. The Penguin Thuggie pullover is made with premium mid-weight cotton and features hidden side pockets.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Hernandez
Longer than expected but amazing!

I ordered the large (full thuggie) and it was a little longer than I expected, but it's honestly better than I could've hoped for. It's perfect to lounge around and sleep in, and the pockets are at the perfect place. The inside is super soft and I can't wait to see how it holds up when I wear it snowboarding. I'll definitely be getting another once some of the other styles have been restocked.

Amazing to sleep in too!

Never thought my thuggie would be perfect to sleep in as well! Now it’s the only thing I ever
Wear to bed anymore. My sister keeps bugging me that she wants to wear mine. Nope ☺️ I do not believe i can share mine!

Tyler Meighan

Honestly the best hoodie I own right now, can’t stop wearing it!!

Penny Ludwig
I love Thuggies!!!!!

I got my first Thuggie for Christmas from my son and daughter in law. I then ordered the Penguin Thuggie and just wore it yesterday for the first time. My goal is to own a fewmore for sure and I have been spreading the word. Best things ever!!!

Aaron Christoffersen
Super comfortable

Got this for my 12 yr old son for Christmas. He hasn't taken it off.

Thuggies Sizing

Go ahead and wear our products however you want. Our long hoodies and butt flap onesies are made to fit anyone, which means that they're all suitable for everyone, boys, girls, men, and women. It's all about how you want it to fit. Want a more baggy style — then go for a larger size. Want a tighter fitting style — then pick a smaller size. Please note all measurements are approximate and will vary slightly.

Here's a quick guide for sizing up Thuggies by your height:

  • Young Thug = 145cm to 158cm (4'9" - 5'2")
  • Mini Thug = 160cm to 173cm (5'3" - 5'8")
  • Full Thug = 175cm to 190cm (5'9" - 6'3")
  • Super Thug = 190cm + (6'3"+)

In the photo: Clay is 190cm (6'3") and Naomi is 165cm (5'4")

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