Athlete Sponsorship

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We receive hundreds of resumes and requests for sponsorship and athlete support. While we’d love to be able to take everyone, due to time and resources, we simply cannot. Please follow the guidelines below to help your resume receive the attention it deserves. If you do not currently compete in any (industry recognized) events, we apologize but we will not accept your application.

Please note: The application process is currently closed, but check back frequently for new application deadlines.  


Please submit your completed resume during the open application period, which must include personal bio information, highlights, photos, videos and events. Any requests received before or after the application deadline will not be reviewed. Please note that at certain times of the year, we will focus on certain sports and only consider applications in those areas.

Helpful hints: think of this as a job application. We are looking for polite and respectful people to rep our brand. We are a fun and laid back company, but we are still a company. Keep that in mind!

Bonus points if you already own our products (include picture) as it demonstrates a pre-existing appreciation of our brand.

Any applications that do not include all of the items in these guidelines will not be considered.

General Sports Considered:
Sports considered throughout the year: Wake, Ski, Snowboard, Mountain Bike, Surf, BMX, Skate.

Please note, other sports will be considered based on applicability of them as they relate to our brand.

Open to: All Ages, Male & Female

Region(s): Global

Send all requests and info to: