Chuggies 6 Pack

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NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light piling may occur. Our propriety material is colorfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in a cold water.

Your canned or bottled beverage drinking will never be the same. Yes, these are hoodies for your drinks. Order up a six-pack and your beverage will never go naked again. Like life, your Chuggie colours will be selected randomly. Insulators inside keep your drink cold or warm. A great way to hide your drinks and they are made of fabric that otherwise would have been thrown away.

    Customer Reviews

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    Carol Stanley
    Cozy & Discreet

    I bought some of these for Christmas gifts. They will be perfect keeping your drink cold, hands warm & drink discreetly tucked away, if you don't want others to judge you for sipping rosé from a can.

    Elaine Severson
    Perfect stocking stuffer/ white elephant gift

    Such a fun, unique gift for numerous reasons. I’ll be giving them out as extra stocking stuffers and white elephant exchanges. Can’t wait to use one/ see people’s responses to them!

    Patti Galbraith

    Sooo cute! Chuggies are going to make the coolest gifts!

    Audrey Rysen
    Love the chuggies

    Chuggies are awesome for bottles and tall cans, but not so great for a regular size can. Perfect for around the campfire.

    Sarah Burinsky
    Chuggies gunna Chug-a-long

    Since the orders are only random Chuggies(which makes sense). Some were ugly-maybe group them in themes? I got 1 pair of the same. One is like completely brown and isn't the kind of ugly that is cute. Another is purple and green but looks like pot leafs which would be alright if I was really weed friendly but I am not because I have a clearance and couldn't smoke if I wanted to haha. Overall they are cute but I did not like the selection I received.