Neon Galaxy Thuggie

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Product FeaturesThe Sky is dark but the lights are bright. This black Thuggie features neon spots in a variety of colors to brighten up your night. Perfect for camping, the Neon Galaxy Thuggie is made of mid-weight sweatshirt fleece and features hidden side pockets.

Customer Reviews

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Picky son

This will be a Xmas present for my picky son! He was excited when he saw these Thuggies and sent me the link. 6'3" is hard to shop for so I hope he will be happy with this gift! If so, I will be buying more!!!


The Neon Galaxy Thuggie is a Christmas present . The recipient doesn’t have it yet ... but I’m sure he’ll think it’s awesome !!!

Nothing But Awesome

I just received my second thuggie and I have to admit its one of the best purchases ive made for clothes wise. I even got one for my friend and he said its perfect for the cold going outside and just wearing it around the house. Its super comfy and very warm. I even wear mine skiing that's how warm they are.

Neon galaxy thuggie

I love my new thuggie. The design pattern looks just as good as it does in the picture. And the super thug size fits perfect. I will be ordering more thuggies soon.

Thuggies Sizing

Go ahead and wear our products however you want. Our long hoodies and butt flap onesies are made to fit anyone, which means that they're all suitable for everyone, boys, girls, men, and women. It's all about how you want it to fit. Want a more baggy style — then go for a larger size. Want a tighter fitting style — then pick a smaller size. Please note all measurements are approximate and will vary slightly.

Here's a quick guide for sizing up Thuggies by your height:

  • Young Thug = 145cm to 158cm (4'9" - 5'2")
  • Mini Thug = 160cm to 173cm (5'3" - 5'8")
  • Full Thug = 175cm to 190cm (5'9" - 6'3")
  • Super Thug = 190cm + (6'3"+)

In the photo: Clay is 190cm (6'3") and Naomi is 165cm (5'4")

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