Ski to Sea Funzie Onesie

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NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light piling may occur. Our propriety material is colorfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in a cold water.

NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light pilling may occur. Our proprietary material is colourfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in a cold water.

Product FeaturesWe teamed up with Vancouver Artist Nadine Nevitt to print a onesie that encompasses the outdoors from Ski to Sea and Sea to Sky.  This custom butt flap onesie features wolves, eagles, mountains, and the Vancouver skyline. This super soft mid weight cotton onesie has our classic butt flap and hidden side pockets.

    Customer Reviews

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    Ben Tanner

    My wife loves it !

    Ron johnson
    These onsies are comfortable like no other!

    Looked comfortable online, even more comfortable in person, will make a great lounging onesie for around the campfire while camping! Cant wait for the sizes to be replenished so I can buy more!

    Rachelle Tong
    Sizing Issues

    Bought this for my SO. He is 5’10” and a bigger guy. We went with the L after measuring and comparing to the sizing chart. But he feels it is a bit big and is curious if the M would have been better. Other than that he loves it! Comfy, warm, functional. He wants to buy it in other patterns but maybe the smaller size.

    MaryAnne Galey
    Ski to Sea Funzie Onesie

    Love the fit and fabric - Zipper is long and surprise both ends have tabs. The snaps on the back flap could be bigger and stronger. Matching slipper type booties would complete the outfit with some matching mittens.

    Rebecca Wiens
    Size Chart Isn’t Very Accurate

    I bought this for my partner as a Christmas gift. As per the size chart, they fell well within the height restrictions of the M. When it arrived, it turns out that the chart doesn’t take torso length or muscle mass into account. Unfortunately, once we realized the fit wasn’t feasible for them, the butt flap popped open every time they sat down, the onesie had already been washed (my partner’s a keener). Otherwise, the quality of the garment is good, and it’s very cozy! I’ll end up ordering a larger size for my partner and keeping the smaller size for myself.

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