T-Pain's 40 Oz Thuggie/Chuggie Combo

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Product FeaturesThuggies teamed up with T-Pain to create the highest def Thuggie yet. He told us to put a 40 of Olde English on his hoodie so we did. This limited edition Thuggie comes with a matching 40 oz Chuggie printed like a paper bag to hide your 40s and keep them cold. This limited edition 150 unit run was made in Canada and comes with a matching T-Pain drawstring bag.  Made with hidden side pockets and a lightweight cotton blend. 

Want to know the full story behind the collab with T-Pain? Read our blog here
Check out the video:

      Customer Reviews

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      Awesome product

      Great product! I wish the full Thug was a bit shorter, but I’m only 5’5” so it’s long on me, but I have broad shoulders so the Mini Thug was a bit tight. Still super comfy and I deff rock this thing is public all the time for errands (and obviously get looks)


      It's a fun fit and very comfortable.

      Tpain thuggie

      Love the concept of thuggies and then to make a 40 oz version-love it even more. I

      Great Gift

      I bought this for my son. He was thrilled to have this Thuggie, It is super soft and shipping was fast!


      lol so tite, cozy af. love tpain. lil cozy for mi 40oz is sicccc!

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