The Sea To Sky Thuggie | by Nadine Nevitt

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NOTE: Due to the nature of our propriety material, some light piling may occur. Our propriety material is colorfast in cold water, therefore, must only be washed in a cold water.

Product Features

Our first all over print and our 1st artist series Thuggie! This Canadian inspired hoodie was digitally drawn by local Vancouver Artist Nadine Nevitt. It features hidden side pockets and a print with eagles, wolves, the Vancouver Cityscape and the iconic VW camper van. The perfect hoodie for camping, adventuring, and relaxing. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Aaron Shatz
    Sea to sky

    I never got my sea to sky I only recieve my other order. Was told I would get a refund because never got it. Never got refund

    Super Comfy!

    Got this as an anniversary gift.I love it ,great for lounging around the house and even out in public .Cant wait to use it during camping season.

    Eric Ames
    She won't take it off!!!

    Bought as a gift for my S.O. and she won't stop wearing it. Keeps walking around saying "I'll never buy any other type of hoodie again".
    Hahaha. Thanks rock!

    Tina Gonsky
    Awesome Gift

    Everyone loves a Thuggie for Christmas

    Kendall Wyatt
    Check Emails More Often

    I’m giving your company 4 stars. Only because no one ever emailed me back when I stated that the wrong address was linked to my card. Now obviously, my fault for not changing the address in the first place. But I emailed you the same night I ordered it, got an automated response about how you will get back to me within 2 hours. Now mind you this was a Friday (December 4th) evening at 5pm mt. time. I knew I wasn’t getting a response that night. But the next email I saw was on Monday stating it had already been shipped.

    I did end up getting my Thuggie so I’m elated about that. Just had to jump throw hoops to track it down.

    Other than that...I’m beyond ecstatic! Thank you!

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    Go ahead and wear our products however you want. Our long hoodies and butt flap onesies are made to fit anyone, which means that they're all suitable for everyone, boys, girls, men, and women. It's all about how you want it to fit. Want a more baggy style — then go for a larger size. Want a tighter fitting style — then pick a smaller size. Please note all measurements are approximate and will vary slightly.

    Here's a quick guide for sizing up Thuggies by your height:

    • Young Thug = 145cm to 158cm (4'9" - 5'2")
    • Mini Thug = 160cm to 173cm (5'3" - 5'8")
    • Full Thug = 175cm to 190cm (5'9" - 6'3")
    • Super Thug = 190cm + (6'3"+)

    In the photo: Clay is 190cm (6'3") and Naomi is 165cm (5'4")

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